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We find new tax and financial opportunities within your business:

Within your business operations, we uncover and identify novel financial opportunities that have the potential to enhance growth and overall profitability. Our dedicated team of experts delves into your organization to assess and identify tax benefits and strategies that focus on “profits forward” for your company.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with actionable insights that empower you to make informed decisions about resource allocation and strategic direction. By harnessing these newfound financial prospects, you can not only fortify your financial foundation but also embark on a trajectory of sustained expansion and innovation.

Customer Satisfaction

Profits Forward sets new heights for ensuring the satisfaction of its clients with the multiple Tax and Consulting services that it provides.



Our Profits Forward program focuses on what truly matters to any business: Enhanced Profitability and Bottomline Results.

Professsional Team

The CPA Tax Advisory team at Profits Forward encompasses decades of experience in federal and state tax rules.

Our Core Competencies

Improving Profits

Improving Profits

Homing in on your Tax Opportunities and Structure to Enhance Profitability.


Tax Advisors

Tax Advisors

Profits Forward offers over two decades of CPA & Tax Advising experience.


CFO Consulting

CFO Consulting

We help CFOs find the hidden Tax Benefits & Programs that companies deserve.



Accounting / Bookkeeping


Accounting / Bookkeeping

As experienced CPAs, we offer exceptional accounting & bookkeeping services.


Tax Advisory Services


Experienced Tax Planners

Our Tax Planning experts are seasoned CPA and Accounting professionals who assess, plan, and maximize the amount of hard-earned revenue that your company earns.

Strategic Tax Planning

Our Tax Planning Services focus on strategies to legally minimize tax liabilities, utilizing deductions, credits, exemptions, and investment strategies for financial optimization.


Plan Implementation

We not only create strategic tax plans, but execute them systematically, adapting to challenges, and achieving predetermined goals efficiently and effectively.

Reduce Tax Liabilities

We aim to reduce your Tax Liabilities through strategic deductions, credits, and exemptions, significantly lowering your tax liabilities while remaining legally compliant.

Compliance Preparation

Compliance preparation involves meticulous adherence to regulations, ensuring accurate documentation, and timely submission of required reports to meet legal obligations.

Client Tax Advisory Services


Our Accounting and Bookkeeping services provide financial tracking, ensuring compliance and informed decisions for smooth operations.


Monthly Services

At Profits Forward Tax Advisors, we offer a range of monthly services to help bring your business to a new level while giving you peace of mine.

CFO Training

Unlock your financial potential with our comprehensive CFO Tax consultation program designed to elevate your strategic decision-making skills.

Quarterly Tax Reviews

Boost your business with comprehensive tax and profitability reviews that ensure compliance, proper reporting, and filings.

Cash Flow

Are you ready to take your business profits to the next level? We specialize in Tax Advising, CFO Services, Tax Planning, and Maximizing Profits.

Business Profits

Unlock the key to financial success and watch your business thrive with our expert profit-boosting strategies. Contact us today.


Take charge of your financial future with our expert business budgeting services. Harness your resources effectively for success.

Industry Comparisons

Stay ahead of the competition with our comprehensive industry analysis and strategic insights. Unlock your business’s potential today.

Why Choose Us?

As your professional Tax Advisors, Thomas E. Scott, CPA offers expert Accounting, Payroll and Tax Preparation, and Business Profits Strategy services that you can trust. You require a consistent financial asset that you can rely on at every phase of your expanding enterprise, aiding in the optimization of both your profits and personal assets.

Profits Forward offers seasoned CPAs, Business Consultants, Tucson Accountants, and Bookkeepers to help keep your finances clean, accurate, and maximized. Whether you need payroll management or even a dedicated CFO, we will grow with you so you can focus on growing your business.

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Our Partners

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